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Ten Ideal Client Commitments

Every effort is made to be sure that each member of our ideal client community has their “Financial House” in order. Altus offers Ten Commitments in the areas of Financial Planning, Tax Planning, Money Management, Estate Planning and Insurance Planning.

1. Creation and Annual Update of Your Financial Confidence Blueprint:

A complete and thorough annual update of your written comprehensive lifetime financial plan.

2. Your Greatest Probability of Success Strategy (Your GPS’s):

  • A step-by-step plan of action describing every action item envisioned by our Deliverables Team of Subject Matter Experts resulting from the comprehensive lifetime written financial plan;
  • A simple chronological list of action steps required to create the greatest probability that you will stay on-track with your financial plan over the years.

3. Client Progress Reports:

Delivery of a progress report to you. This simple summary of your assets is designed to show you the progress you are making benchmarked against the goals you have set for yourself.

4. Money Management (and general planning issues):

Money Management

Oversight is provided over all managers of your investment assets to ensure

  • Your overall allocation is suitable;
  • The low cost, high quality growth assets are reviewed for suitability;
  • Performance is serving your long term goals;
  • An appropriate Lifetime Income strategy is designed;
  • We utilize an annual comprehensive due diligence checklist in an effort to ensure the safety of your assets.
General Planning

In-depth issues are reviewed with you to ensure any changes in your circumstances are envisioned by your comprehensive plan.

5. Income Tax Projection before Year-End:

During the last two months of each year we will do serious income tax planning for you with two objectives in mind:

  • Seek ways to reduce taxes, and
  • Make sure there are no “surprises” come next April.

6. Income Tax Review and On-time Filing:

We will ensure that you have a Tax Subject Matter Expert review your tax return each year before it is filed.

7. Estate Planning:

We will ensure that you review your estate plan annually and have you update your plan if
  • Your estate circumstances have changed;
  • Your desires about your estate have changed;
  • The estate tax laws have significantly changed.

Once every five years we will ensure you have an Estate Planning review of your plan with the objective of:

  • Establishing a plan for your money with the goal of making it last until the next generation and beyond, and
  • Create a structure that may bring your heirs closer together, as opposed to creating animosity and conflicts about the money after you’re gone.

8. Strategic & Tactical Plan for Every Goal:

We commit to establishing a specific funding plan for every goal you set and to contact you proactively, prior to every goal date, to give you the “game plan” for the accomplishment of each of your goals.

9. Cash Reserves and Debt Management:

  • We will recommend and work with you to establish an adequate cash reserves to handle financial issues that come up in life.
  • This involves establishing a debt elimination plan if needed as well as major item purchase review and assistance.
  • Buying or refinancing a house or any other major purchase would trigger additional help from us.

10. The Comprehensive Risk Management Review to Improve the Financial Confidence Blueprint’s Safety:

Review every kind of insurance and
  • Recommend the right kinds & amounts of insurance,
  • Be sure there are no “coverage gaps” which might endanger the financial blueprint, and

See what, if anything can be done to reduce premiums for the clients.