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Ray O'Connell

Ray O’Connell

Managing Director



Ray O’Connell, Accredited Investment Fiduciary

UNCOMMON STRATEGIES that may help find money you lose UNKNOWINGLY and UNNECESSARILY – particularly in the tax area

Ray O’Connell is an Accredited Investment Fiduciary. He is the founder and managing director of Altus Wealth Strategies, Inc., an independent financial and tax strategies planning firm with offices in the northern Atlanta area. O’Connell is passionate about helping clients implement strategies to protect and grow their wealth while minimizing taxes. Using conservative principles that emphasize putting safety first, O’Connell’s customized written financial plan outlines the process designed to help meet client-specific goals.

Taxes are a huge issue. Clients who request it may receive appropriate exposure to little-known tax strategies that are often only promoted to high earning entrepreneurs by tax attorneys and advisors including Ed Slott, CPA, who the Wall Street journal calls ‘America’s foremost IRA expert’ and is a best-selling author and regular Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) speaker.

Ray and his team help answer the questions, “AM I PAYING TOO MUCH IN TAX, WILL I HAVE ENOUGH TAX-FREE INCOME, and AM I PROTECTED?”

Clients have one shot at retiring, so need to take care to avoid the many potential irreversible mistakes that could be made when planning for retirement. Ray and his team do not underestimate the importance of the faith and trust needed in a financial and tax planning team. In addition to O’Connell’s services as an investment advisor, his planning team consists of CPA’s (yours or ours), a tax attorney, an insurance and annuity specialist, a long-term care specialist and several other experts in specialty areas as may be requested by you. O’Connell heads the team.

Ray is an educator who has taught hundreds of advisors the principles of investments and insurance. He has presented programs to physician groups, business owners and those doing retirement planning. Additionally, he has taught adult education classes at Georgia State’s Alpharetta campus and the University of Phoenix. He is also an author.

Ray and his wife Jan live in Alpharetta and are active in their church. They have two grown daughters and seven grandchildren. They support the Shepherd Center's Share Military Initiative, Rally for a Cure, special needs children and foster care programs. They enjoy travel and sports, and have visited 47 states.

Ray O’Connell, AIF
Altus Wealth Strategies, Inc.

Advisory services offered through Onyx Bridge Wealth Group and Altus Wealth Strategies, Inc. Altus Wealth Strategies is not affiliated with Onyx Bridge Wealth Group, and neither provide tax or legal advice.