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Plan, Dream, Achieve

Altus Wealth Strategies specializes in Income and Distribution strategies and will act with care to put your best interests first.

We can guide you through the process of negotiating financial barriers and avoiding the irreversible mistakes many people make when creating a financial plan. At Altus Wealth Strategies, we will use our extensive training and experience to help you Plan, Dream and Achieve financial success.


There are many ways to achieve financial success. 

At Altus Wealth Strategies, we will work with you to create the plan that will achieve your needs and desires. Ray O’Connell specializes in comprehensive investment and retirements plans that can provide long-term financial security. He will evaluate and recommend needed improvements in plan components including investment, retirement, and taxes in order to create an all-inclusive personalized financial strategy. Ray O’Connell is fully prepared for planning in the areas of Long-term health and Medicare and will use his knowledge to effectively include healthcare arrangements into your financial strategy. 


A financial dream is something you hope for. At Altus Wealth Strategies, we aim to create goals based on your dreams and provide the support you need to turn dreams into reality. While creating or improving your investment and retirement plan, we will become familiar with your values, goals, and future direction to ensure that your plan will support your vision for the future. Ray is committed to discovering your dreams and has the experience to create goals that are within your financial abilities & tolerance for risk.


At Altus Wealth, we will guide you through the process with consistent financial support and frequent updates that will keep you on track for your goals. Ray O’Connell can help you avoid obstacles and plan for changes based on his experience with financial strategies. In order to push your plan into action, we can create a team of supporting professional CPAs and Attorneys that will help you draft the proper documents needed to assist in achieving your financial goals. We will also provide you with regular updates on development of your financial plan to keep you informed and aware of your progress towards success.